Alfie Khon,

Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting,

Steve Biddulph,

Kim McCabe, Rites for Girls,



The Bushcraft School, John Rhyder,

Bushcraft Journal,

Woodlore, Ray Mears,

Natural Bushcraft,

Ben Orford,

Bill Mason, Canadian canoeist, and artist. For films he made about canoeing and nature please see

Dick Proenneke, conservationist and wildlife photographer, please google on youtube

Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator,

Primitive Technology,

Jonathan Ridgeon,


Crafts and Fine Woodworking

The Heritage Craft Association,

West Dean College, UK,

Robin Wood, woodturner,

Mike Abbot, green woodworker,

Barn the Spon, wooden spoon carver,

Simon Leach Pottery,

Joshua Farnsworth, fine woodworker, USA,

Paul Sellers, woodworker,USA,


The School of Storytelling,

Martin Shaw, writer, teacher and mythologist,

Michael Meade, mythologist and storyteller,

Mac Macartney,

Susan Perrow, therapeutic storyteller,

Nancy Mellon, storyteller,

Land and Gardening

Charles Dowding,

Patric Whitefield, permaculturalist,

Permaculture Association, UK,

From Seed to Seed, educational films on seed production,

Ruth Stout, gardener, for documentary footages please search on Youtube

Masanobu Fukuoka, farmer. for documentary films about his philosophy and practice please search on Youtube